Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Baking Day With Boo.

Hiaa Lovelies!!
I realise this is the second post of today however the review was supposed to go up last night I just had a bit of a mind block last night!! I couldn't get past the introduction! Sunday night we had Bethy (Boo) to stay for the night. Haven't had her stay in ages so it was actually really nice. After I finished work sunday afternoon I spend the rest of the day chilling out with Boo. We watched Wreck It Ralph. To be honest I still don't have a clue what it's about haha! All I know is shortly after the beginning there's a clown in it and I absolutely despise clowns!!


So Boo decided first of she wanted to make cakes but not just plain cakes!! Who doesn't like chocolate cakes every now and then. I honestly cannot rememeber the last time we made cakes probably when she was about 4-5 bare in mind shes now 6 coming up for 7!! It was so nice to actually let her do the majority of it. I'd forgotten honestly how grown up she actually is now! So not only did she want chocolate cakes, but wanted chocolate icing with sprinkles and other goodies!! Yum!! They turned out really good actually and were yummy too!!

After making cakes we decided to make gingerbread men. I'd never made these with her before and thought she'd love it. She did it all again mostly herself. She made her gingerbread men look quite interesting. Broke off some of their legs and arms!! (meanie!) She also decided she wanted to make stars as well so we did. We were going to decorate them but we didn't really have time to do that.
When all the baking was done I wanted to get some up to date pics of me and Boo. The last time we had a pic was probably about 2 years ago now!! How time flies!! Got a few really nice ones to get developed. I love taking pictures especially with family, you can always look back and rememeber the memories!!


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