Thursday, 14 February 2013

Boyce Avenue.

Hiaa Lovelies!!
As promised I really wanted to share one of my favourite bands with y'all. I know this is another late post but I was eager to not miss posting today! I was planning on posting this afternoon however I was a little hooked on Destined (9th House of Night book) and was so close to finishing it! After I've done this post I shall be having a bath and then moving onto Hidden (10th House of Night book). I've got work tomorrow as well so busy day for tomorow as well!
I've been following Boyce Avenue ever since they first started out on YouTube. I was scrolling through covers clicking from one video to another when one of their covers came up. It so happened to be the 2nd or 3rd video they'd put up. They started out in 2007, ever since then their following as grown and grown and now they have over 2million subscribers. Boyce Avenue are a three piece band all brothers, Alejandro Manzano, Daniel Manzano and Fabian Manzano. In early 2010 they signed with the record label Universal Republic. However this was to be short lived as they left the following year. They wanted to persue their dreams making the music they wanted to make. As of today they have their own record label '3peace records' and are an independent band. They signed Hannah Trigwell near the end of last year. It's coming up for six years now since I've been following them and to be quite honest they just get better and better.

 They've released two original albums and are currently recording their 3rd which shall be released this year. As well as another tour :D (I was like a kid at christmas when they announced this) I finally got to see them last summer June 21st to be exact. Me and my best friend saw them at Hammersmith Apollo, London. Alex Goot and Tyler Hilton were the supporting acts who were also amazing! Honestly one of the best nights of my life. They're music I find isn't like current artists out there at the moment. They're lyrics mean something and there's always a story behind their songs. It's safe to say I own every single song they've written or covered. You can find their music on iTunes if you just search 'Boyce Avenue' you will be able to see every song on there. :) They have quite a few cover albums which to be honest I adore. They make the songs their own and about 99.9% if not 100% I prefer theirs to the original.

 They are a band I could honestly listen to every single day and not get bored. I wanted to post the videos I took at the concert last year to YouTube obviously last year. However I've only just started posting them. I've still got a few more to put up. I have to say they're amazing in general. Live is something out of this world. It's perfection. They are honestly one of the best bands I have discovered on YouTube and I'm so glad I did come across them. It's safe to say I'm just a little fan?! :P Maybe a little more than that. I do think in the future they will be even more well known than they are currently. They're not mega known as of yet even though they've been around for nearly 6 years. However with that being said they have fans around the world. They upload a new video every Sunday. As I am obviously subcribed to them I get an email everytime they upload a video. When that happy time comes big smile on my face and going straight to check it out. (It's like christmas all over again aha!)

 On My Way was the first song I got hooked on which is one of their originals. Since then Every Breath, Broken Angel, Briane and More Things To Say have become my other favourites by them. If you haven't listened to them before I recommend checking some of their music out. Whether you like listening to covers or just want to hear some great music. They have done many collaborations with artists such as: Megan & Liz, Tyler Ward, Alex Goot, DeStorm, Savannah Outen, Megan Nicole.. just to name a few :) They have their own website and merchandise store as well which I shall link below as well as their YouTube channel.
 I shall be posting the rest of the live videos very soon so keep your eyes peeled for that! I shall link my channel below. Other than that I hope you enjoyed this rambled blog post :)

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