Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Cleaning Brushes.

Hiya everyone.. again!

So currently at the moment whenever I feel I have something to blog about I shall. Not going to say it'll be once a day but it could be more than once a day it all depends! Really getting into blogging now and I absolutely love it. So I've just spent an hour looking up mummy pig and daddy pig figures for my youngest niece. Why you may ask?! She's got a peppa pig car but it didn't come with a daddy or mummy pig and she's most upset about that! She's got such a good memory for a two year old haha! Infact when I was babysitting her nearly two fridays ago we spent our night playing peppa pig.

Anyway back on track, I finally and I do mean finally decided to deep clean my make-up brushes. I don't think I realised how many blending brushes I actually have until today. If you're like me then you like to have a variety of similar brushes so you're not constantly washing them. Personally cleaning my brushes is the task I hate the most and I know everyone else gets super lazy. My skin has been quite bad lately getting quite a few breakouts so I decided to bite the bullet and just do it. Fingers crossed it will improve my skin. If you guys didn't know that's what can partly be responsible for break outs because you're putting germs back onto your face so it's not very hygienic. I sorted through my brushes recently so I've got a nice selection that I keep on top of my chest of drawers ready to use.

These brushes are in the ELF large brush holder which I do really like. It's a good size and holds all the brushes I could ever want to use for an everyday look! Now for the rest of the evening I plan to relax, skype, have a bath and read a book. I hope everyone has a good evening!

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