Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Face Masks.

Hiaaaa Loveliess!!
So today I want to talk about face masks. I always used to use this quite a lot and then for no reason whatsoever I just stopped. Lately my skin has been really bad, I've been getting breakouts left right and centre. For christmas I recieved a Face Mask gift set which is lovely. It came from avon and you get 12 little sachets. There are three different face masks and the sachets have 5mls in them. Now that might not sound like a lot but thats more than enough to cover your whole face. I've had a look on Avon's website but cannot find them on there. I know they have a couple face masks in a tube which I am thinking of trying as I want to get into the habit of treating my skin once a week with one of these lovely face masks! 

My favourite I have to say is the 'Dead Sea Minerals' mud mask I love it. Unfortunatly Avon do not do this one in a tube. I'm not too sure how much this set was, but I'm sure they bring things like this out every year for christmas so just keep your eyes peeled. These are all lovely to use so if you like a good face mask if you can get your hands on these I would recommend. I shall link you to Avon's website below as they do have some lovely beauty products.
As I am currently on a bit of a face mask hype as I like to call it I've also been trying out some of the face masks you can purchase from Wilko's or Asda. I'm not too sure if you can purchase these in Superdrug or Boots simply because I haven't looked. They are £1 each and are 15ml sachets. Compared to the Avon ones that's three times more product. I used a stress relief mask the other day I believe a picture of it was on yesterdays blog. As soon as you put it on to the skin you can feel it heating up. I do quite like this and it leaves your skin feeling so soft. I purchased two other face masks yesterday. I have three of these left to use up.

I'm excited to try the 'Strawberries and Cream' face mask I love that scent so fingers crossed I shall like it. Whilst I was in Wilkos yesterday I picked up another two face masks they are both the same as you can see both £1 each. What caught my eye about these is that are deep cleansing. They are peel off masks and sound like they could work wonders. They are 10ml sachets which is 5ml less than the others. I shall let you know how I get on with these. They do four different masks in tubes for £5 a tube. I haven't picked one of these up yet because none of the scents took my fancy. So as of yet I am still on the look out for a good face mask in a tube simply because I find it to be a lot easier and also you get more for your money.
I plan to do a bit of research and have a look in Boots to see what I can find. If I find one that I think is worthy of a little praise I shall do a full blog post and review on it.
Have a lovely day.

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