Monday, 4 February 2013

Guilty Pleasures.

Hellooo again (two posts in one day my my ;-) haha!)

So as you can see by the title of this post it's about 'guilty pleasures'. Now bare in mind I've been sitting here listening to One Direction for over an hour now. I had the idea just pop into my mind and I thought you know what if I don't write about it or at least write it down I'll forget what it was tomorrow!

(I apologise for the lack of make up in the piccys aha!)

Now if someone says they don't have a guilty pleasure they are lying, everyone has at least one! Anyway so I wanted to share my "guilty pleasures" with you. Now I know typically a lot of people like to slate One Direction for any reason they can find. Lately I've been absolutely loving them, they put me in such a good mood. I have to say I actually do love all of their songs. A few years back the Jonas Brothers used to be another guilty pleasure ;) I know everyone has a band or artist that is their guilty pleasure.. Bieber used to be one of mine as well! I am someone who loves their music! I love to listen to it everyday I find it puts me in such a good mood if I do. I have such a varied taste in music my two favs at the moment have been Taylor Swift and now One Direction!

So theres my guilty pleasure for you ;)


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