Monday, 11 February 2013

Happy Monday.

Hiaaaa lovelies!

So I'm thinking of blogging 5 days a week if I can, depending on how much free time I have and then not the weekends. The reason for this is because I'm going to upload a new youtube video every Sunday that way I can focus on editing over the weekend if I don't already have one to be uploaded. Currently I have a back log of videos so that's all good :D I've got so many ideas for future blog posts and videos! I've started writing down any ideas I have so I can go back to them when I'm in a filming or blogging mood. This I find so much easier ;) So today I'm going to have two blog posts up as I took a photo of my make up this morning so thought I'd include that in a seperate blog post! 

Today I went shopping in Maidstone, was pretty cold out to be quite honest with you and also raining on and off all day! Hair was looking lovely by the time I got home! My plan is to re-dye my hair red tonight. I keep saying I want to go back to my natural hair colour however I have red and purple hair dye sitting in my bathroom and I'd much rather use them than waste them ;) I also seem to just love having my hair a different colour to brown. I am thinking when I do finally go back to my natural and once it's longer to have it ombre. 

I was editing at the weekend putting together my Boyce Avenue video from when I went to see them Live last year with the best friend. Gosh did it bring back some lovely memories! In fact it's made me kind of be a little obsessed with them. I think I've fallen back in love with them. Their original music is so so so good and to be quite honest with you I can't believe they are not bigger worldwide. They've come a long way from when they started 6-7 years ago on YouTube! I plan on having a separate blog post on this too in the future ;) I seem to catch myself listening to them all the time including in the bath!

If you guys haven't given Boyce Avenue a listen I do recommend doing so, you will not be disappointed!! I need to have a bit of a splurge on iTunes as well so I can get the rest of their songs that I don't have. That's fine I have two gift cards to spend ;)

I finally finished the 8th House of Night book 'Awakened' and to be honest although obviously I love the series I feel like that was a book where nothing really happened in it. I am now onto the 9th one 'Destined' which I started last night whilst having a bath. I just love reading in the bath I find it so relaxing! I love having a nice hot choccie as well as a bath filled with lots of bubbles! I used my fav bubble bath at the moment too!! It was featured in my January favourites, if you haven't seen that video I shall link you to it! 

My latest thing has also been face masks I've been absolutely loving them. Today in Maidstone I was trying to find a good one in a tube however had no such luck! I plan to do a bit of research to find a good one and where to get them from! I'm thinking Boots however I didn't venture into there today! Normally because I have no self control in that shop haha! I treat my skin to a face mask once a week I find it helps so much especially if my skin has been really bad which it has lately. I've been getting one breakout after another so hopefully I can get that under control! 

I realise this blog post has been a little rambled haha! This normally happens when I've not blogged in a few days and I've got lots to share! It totally feels weird blogging from the main computer downstairs rather than my laptop! I hope you've all had a good weekend and have had a good Monday! Keep smiling!


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