Monday, 4 February 2013

My Weekend.

Hiyaa everyone!

So I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! Let me just start off by saying I had a lovely weekend off from work, and although it wasn't relaxing I did have a bloody good time!!

So Thursday I felt absolutely terrible and stayed in bed all day it felt like I had the flu, banging headache, aches and pains, cold, terrible cough and a raging temperature.. after plenty of rest and medicine Friday I started to feel a little better. Keira got dropped off after school and I really didn't want to let her down! She had been counting down the days to our little shopping trip bless her :-) That night I decided to light some of the candles I've got in my room and I don't know about you guys but personally candles make me feel so much more relaxed!

Saturday morning came and once I got up and about I actually didn't feel too bad. The main problem was the cold outside really did effect my cough but it seems to be SLOWLY but surely clearing up! We got to Bluewater just gone 1 in the afternoon and we had a good few hours browsing the shops. We went to McDonalds as that's where she wanted to go to eat and she was so excited to get a Mcflurry as she doesn't normally get one aha. Little things.. :') 

Here's a piccy of the few things I did buy on Saturday:

I got a few things I'd been eyeing up we went into boots to which I bought two things:
  • L'oreal super liner ultra precision in black (Under £7)
  • Tangle Teezer (£10.99)
Surprisngly I only purchased those two items and I was proud of myself as normally I lose control in Boots and go a little crazy. I normally get sucked in by the "3 for 2" offers however I didn't really look that much in the make up department as I had my niece with me. The Liquid liner was a repurchase as was running out so took the opportunity to pick one up whilst I was in Boots. The Tangle Teezer is a new purchase I've heard such good things about them so I wanted to pick one up. I shall do a review later on this month once I've got some good use out of it!

We took a trip into Waterstones.. Now I'm a bookworm and so is Keira so to no surprise we both came out of there with a book each. Keira picked up a David Walliams book to add to her collection meanwhile I picked up the tenth House of Night book to add to my collection :-) My only problem with this book is it is in hard back. The rest of my books in the series are paperback and I've tried to find the paperback copy but had no such luck! It got to the point where I shall be finishing the 9th soon so I decided to just pick it up anyway!

The last shop I went into was Lush. Now I don't have a Lush that is close enough to go to whenever I need to so when I do go to either Maidstone or Bluewater I like to go into lush to pick up any things I've been eyeing up. I purchased 3 Bath Bombs and a Lip Scrub.
  • Bath Ballistic - Think Pink
  • Bath Ballistic - Big Blue
  • Bath Ballistic - Sex Bomb
  • Bubblegum Lip Scrub

 I had a lovely day shopping with Keira, we got her some sweets and made out that was the last shop.. then had one last little surprise for her.. The whole plan of going to bluewater was to get her a build-a-bear which obviously she knew nothing about it which made it even better :D! I don't know about you guys but I love surprising my nieces it's so worth it :)! When she realised she was getting a build-a-bear she was so excited and had the biggest smile on her face! Even though I was still a littly poorly, that made my whole day seeing her reaction to the surprise! She loved making her own bear and has told me "Sleepy" (that's what she named her bear) shall sit on her bed because it's her special birthday bear!

Sunday aka yesterday was also busy, my sister came round at about 10 to collect Keira as they were going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour (Jelly!) and drop off Sofia as she is too young to even be interested in that! My brother Tim and sister-in-law Kate we're down from the weekend so they came round at about 11 and stayed till about 3. It was lovely catching up with them I'm such a family person. My sister-in-law Michelle also came over with her daughter Stacey at about 12 to meet Tim and Kate and also play with Sofia. So all in all yesterday was an absolutely lovely day!

I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend! Did any of you go shopping or do anything nice?


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