Thursday, 14 February 2013


Hiaa lovelies!!
Rather a late post for me as normally I post in the afternoon or early evening. I was going to do a post about Boyce Avenue as I mentioned in my last post. However I decided as I was organising my folders I would do a post on that. I'm certainly building up a collection of videos and pictures for my YouTube channel and my blog and it was all getting a bit mumble jumbled. I don't know about you, but me personally I prefer to be able to find things easily especially if there's a lot of files in one place. It can be so frustrating especially if you think you've lost a file but turns out you've just scrolled passed it! It's a bit of a "oh crap!" moment!
I decided to make lots of folders in folders as I find this works best for me. My blog folder for pics literally has folders inside folders. I've got pics that I've used in blogs in a used folder and pics that I've yet to use in a 'blogs to do' folder. This way I can keep on top of what blogs I've got planned etc. Inside those folders are seperate catergories such as lifestyle, beauty etc. Then inside those are other catergories such as for make up it's split into: eyes, faces, lips and nails. This just helps me be able to find things easier, which in turn will help me blog more. :)

Whilst I was arranging folders I got to thinking about how much more organised I've been since the new year. It's one of the many resolutions I set myself this year that I've actually fulfilled. I mean how many of us set resolutions for the new year and then either can't be bothered or just end up forgetting about them?! I love to keep a diary so for this year I bought a decent sized one and it's been so helpful and come in handy so much. Literally everything goes in there and I find it just makes life that teeny bit easier.
My blogging and video ideas have been going in my diary too. I always carry my diary with me whenever I'm out and about. I normally find I'll need to note something down so it's handy in that sense. I've been finding whenever I've had an idea about my blog or YouTube channel writing it down has been a big help because otherwise I forget. This normally happens if I've got so many ideas going round my head at once! I love to make notes and lists I find it's so helpful during the day. The thing with lists I find, is that you feel good when you've ticked something off because you've done it. If I've got a lot of things to do in the day I find it motivates me to do them more. I especially did this when I was at college.
I would recommend keeping a diary if you don't already it's a life saver in some cases aha. If you're like me and have more than one job then it's a life saver. Especially as I'm with an agency and they can call me up at random times of the day. It's nice to have my diary on hand to see if I am actually avaliable rather than just saying yes for the sake of it!! I then find I'm in another "oh crap!" situation when I'm not free haha!!
Anyway, that's enough rambling for tonight! Considering this is past 1am, I think that's enough for one night!

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