Friday, 8 February 2013

Scented Candles | Filming | Editing.

Hiya everyone!
Yesterday I was in the mood to film so I took advantage of that opportunity and filmed two videos.. (another haul and a tag!) I was surprisingly in the mood to edit last night so I decided to edit those two videos and shall have them uploaded within the next couple of weeks! I also discovered footage I didn't realise I had! Anyone else ever done that? You feel so excited and you're all like ooooooo I need to see what this is! I found all the clips from the Boyce Avenue concert that I went to last summer. At the time I thought about uploading them but that was before I properly started with Youtube. Also I didn't have any editing software on this laptop at the time. Well now I do, so today I plan to sit down and look at all the pics and clips and put a few videos together. I love doing this I think it's such a good way to remember good times you've had. Currently I'm blasting 1D while I'm writing this and I've cracked open a bottle of Sprite because that's my latest addiction!

I've also decided that I'm getting quite the obsession with scented candles. As you can see I've added another two to my collection! The pink ones smell absolutely amazing, strawberries and cream! Oh my goodness I walked into my room earlier and it smelt heavenly. Shall defo be on the look out for some other candles! A quick first impressions as well I purchased the Tresemme Breakage Defence shampoo and conditioner and I used it last night and I absolutely love how it's made my hair feel. It feels so soft and smells good too! I shall defo be having a review coming up within the next few weeks once I've seen how it does on the breakage side of things!
Time for me to delve into the realms of editing ;)

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