Friday, 15 February 2013

Superdrug Haul.

Hia Lovelies!
Blogging at a more sensible time tonight! Recently I purchased a few things from Superdrug which if any of you don't know it's basically a drugstore or pharmacy in the UK. I will have reviews on all of these products when I've had enough time to use them. That way I will be able to give my honest opinions. However from what I've tested and going on first impressions there is nothing that I don't like.
So first of all I was intrigued by the 'Samy Fat Hair Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner'. These two products have had nothing but good reviews on the website which made me extremly eager to try them. I don't know about you but I have quite fine hair, so this shampoo sounded like a bit of a winner! I like to have a bit of body and volume to my hair. I've only used it once as of right now simply because I like to switch it up with colour protect shampoo as I have red hair. These two products I purchased for £2.75 (promotion price) each for 300ml of product. (normal price is £5.59 however Superdrug currently have an offer on all fat hair products, 2 for £6.99) You can only purchase these in Superdrug as well.
I was then browsing the website as ya do, looking at all things that I didn't need! I've been after a new hairspray for a while now. I've been using v05 hairspray and to be honest I really would not recommend them. They may work for some of you but not for me that's for sure! They end up making your hair very stiff and brushing out can be a right pain in the backside! So I decided to purchase a Tresemme hairspray and it's the superior hold one. I paid just under £5 I believe for a 500ml can. Lovely Superdrug again currently have offers on these products as they did when I purchased it last month. All hairsprays have money off at the moment. :)
I wanted to get a new topcoat. Now with that being said I realise I haven't actually used this product at all yet simply because I took my nail varnish off and haven't repainted my nails. I purchased the Ultra Shine topcoat from Sally Hansen. This was £6.99 so hopefully I have a good experience with it! I was using the Rimmel no chip? top coat if that's what it's called I'm too lazy to find it properly, that retails for £3.99. I just wanted to explore the different options and I know Sally Hansens top coats are rated quite highly.
I'm a big fan of the Simple face wipes and their make up remover so I decided to have a little browse at their products. I was ideally looking for a new moisturiser. One to use in the mornings underneath my foundation. I love my Clean & Clear moisturiser however I wanted something that wasn't so heavy for the mornings. I purchased the Simple Hydrating Light moisturiser. I paid £3.79 for it however currently it's £2.00 at Superdrug. You can get this product in a variety of places, boots, asda etc.
The last thing I ordered was the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade '01' which is a really nice red. I have more lipsticks than I know what to do with however this was a must for me as I've been trying to get it for months now without success. Whenever I go into a shop trying to find it they're sold out so I decided to get it online as they had it. I purchased this for £5.49. I am looking at purchasing some more of these as I absolutely love them. (oopsie I do not need anymore!)
As I've said full reviews on all the products purchased shall be up in the future. I have also posted a video on my channel about my purchases from Superdrug so if you are interested in watching that I shall link it below!

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