Monday, 18 March 2013


Hia Lovelies!!
So I realise for the past few mondays I've been posting FOTD's religously. Well this Monday I've decided to change it up a little! I've spend the majority of my weekend editing. Boy did it take a while. I'm currently putting together a video of bloopers for my get to know me tag. There were too many bloopers to put at the end of the video! I've decided though for every video I film in the future if there aren't too many I shall pop them at the end. If like the get to know me tag there's a lot then I'll make a second video for bloopers and extras!
I've seriously taken a major liking to dark vampy red lippy and a lot of black eyeliner ha. I think it's where my current mood at the moment is quite low. I normally opt out for black liner on the waterline but at the moment everyday it seems to get thicker! Of course the smokey eye is also being rocked with my new lover.. bhcosmetics 28 colour neutral palette. To go along with that the bhcosmetics 10 colour blush palette. They're currently like my babies haha! I'm so excited to actually review them both as they are so pigmented and I know I'm going to get a hell of a lot of use out of them.
I've noticed whilst filming I do pull some of the oddest faces and perhaps some of the most crazy ones too! If you guys don't already know I do have a facebook page now. This is where I can post updates for new vids, blogs and any other random photos! I feel this is an easier way to keep you guys in the loop!

So as you can see snapshots from some videos to come in the future a tad crazy :D But that's just me in a nutshell really!
I hope you guys have a good Monday!

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