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Book Babble #1 | House of Night Series.

Hiaaa Loveliess!!
Today I wanna talk about a book series I've been obsessing over!! As you know I've been loving the House of Night series so I decided to go into more detail about it in a post. I'll also have a video going up on my Youtube channel in the future.
 The Basics..
House of Night is a vampire series. There are currently ten books in the series..
1.Marked, 2.Betrayed, 3.Chosen, 4.Untamed, 5.Hunted, 6.Tempted, 7.Burned, 8.Awakened, 9.Destined, 10. Hidden
They all retail for £6.99 each a part from the 10th one as that is a hardback copy. Hidden retails at £12.99.
You can purchase these from any good book store..
Waterstones, Whsmiths, The Works
You can also find these online, all 3 places just listed have websites but also amazon and!
Is that the full collection..
There are going to be two more to be added to the series. The 11th one is going to be out later this year. The 12th one which shall be the last one in the series will be out next year. After that there will be no more added to the series. P.C. and Kristin Cast have written some other novels that a part of the House of Night series..
The Fledgling Handbook
Dragon's Oath (A House of Night Novella)
Lenobia's Vow (A House of Night Novella)
Neferet's Curse (A House of Night Novella)
I haven't read these simply because I haven't purchased them. I probably will in the future though so that way I have them all as I'm that obsessed haha!! The Novella's retail at £5.99 each and the Fledgling Handbook retails at £9.99.
Information about the series..
Okay so without giving too much away, in case you're reading this and you haven't read them but want to.. or are halfway through or something.. I get what I mean haha!! House of Night is a school for fledglings. Fledlings are vampires in training if that makes sense. Teenagers at the age of sixteen I believe that's right get marked. Once they are marked they then attend the school where they will be there for four years. After those four years they can either turn into a full vampire or their body can reject the change and they can die. Bare in mind this can happen before the four years are up. Fledlings are made aware that they're body can reject the change at anytime.
So 'Marked' starts off with Zoey Redbird being marked. She's a sixteen year old girl and her parents pretty much flip out as they don't want her to go the vampire school. The first book pretty much focuses on Zoey and her making friends, adjusting to the school and what not! Zoey turns out to be more gifted than a regular fledgling which raises interest by the professors at the school. As you get further through the series you start to see that Zoey is even more gifted.
Now whereas The Twilight Saga focuses more on love and romance this isn't really the main focus. The main focus comes into play after the first book. Strange things start to happen and it's clear that something is not right. The main focus of the series is a battle between good versus evil. I'm not going to say anymore on that without giving it away haha!! There is a bit of romance in the book, heartbreak and love triangles but it's not too much if that makes sense!!
Now I laughed, cried and even found myself with my jaw hitting the floor and shaking at some points haha! That's how into a book I get. It's safe to say I really did get into this series. I absolutely love it. Although I'd love this series to carry on forever I think ending it after two more books is the perfect time. Some books can get ruined if they drag them out for too long. I totally recommend this book series if vampires and romance is your type of thing. If you loved Twilight you will love these!! I shall pop some links as to where you can find them online!!
A video shall be up soon on my youtube channel about this series if you're interested in seeing that!!

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