Friday, 8 March 2013

Hann's Ramblings #2.

Hiaa Loveliess!!
This is a super early post for me haha! I thought I'd do a post now as I've got my friend Becky crashing all weekend. Free house :-D I've got lots of things to tell you guys as it's coming to the end of the week!! So this week has been full to the brim. I've spent probably a little too much money aha. So Monday not a lot really happened to be quite honest with you. I filmed two videos and got back on track with my blog which after last week had kind of neglected. Needless to say I am back into the swing of things and LOVING it :D
So I filmed my first Get Ready With Me Monday followed by another Wednesday. I've also filmed a Book Babble to go along side with yesterdays blog post and then a two part haul video :D I film whenever I'm in the mood to film otherwise if I try any other time it normally takes me all day haha! That goes for editing as well if I am in the mood to edit then I will otherwise I'll leave it for another day.
Tuesday I had my niece Fia as I do every Tuesday and Wednesday. My sister is doing a teaching assistant course so she has placement those days!! Tuesday was a bit of a quiet day to be honest. I managed to spend some money haha. Tuesday was payday. I sorted out my brother in laws and nieces birthday presents. Then I went onto Matalan. OH DEAR.. I went on there for photo frames which I did get plus a new bag and some jeggings... Guilty.. haha. On the plus side I did get 20% off with staff discount so there are some perks to that :D I also did a bit of online shopping for my mum as I'm such a lovely daughter haha!!
Now Wednesday I wanted to pop into town to get a few bits and bobs. I needed to get some birthday cards so I ended up getting them all for the year! I've even written them a part from my besties.. organised much?! My mum wanted to go into New Look which normally is a bad idea. I have curse with that shop normally I have to buy at least one thing in there. I didn't even realise they had a sale on which for the most part was probably good otherwise I don't think I'd of found anything! Anyone else like that?! I got four lovely tops, a denim gillet and a pair of earings for £25. BARGIN.
I then did something really REALLY naughty. I went into Boots to browse... as you can tell from the bag I did more than browse! I got myself some flipping good goodies though!! I spent a little under £50 which to be quite honest with you is quite good. Only three things I purchased were make up items and they were all things I needed! A couple of things I purchased to try out! The bag itself though is a larger Boots bag so I may have gone a little crazy in there. I was having a down Tuesday so I thought a spot of shopping would cheer me up.. IT worked it did that, that's for sure!! Look out for blog posts on all items in that bag of goodies and the goodies from New Look!!
I got another couple of goodies yesterday when I went to asda.. as you guys will see I've kind of got a little obsessed with Tresemme products. But is it really just me or do they smell amazingly good?! I was browsing on Amazon and I was looking for a neutrals palette. I do have quite a few already but more along the matte side of things than shimmery. I've ordered a palette from BHCosmetics so I'm excited to show you guys that. I also then caved and ordered one of their blush palettes too! I'm a sucker for blush, I love trying new colours!!
This is the frame I ordered from Matalan's website as I didn't trust myself to get it home in one piece. This retails at £15. I think that's a really good price however it cost me £12 with staff discount :D I love these types of frames. I originally had a photo wall but all the edges of the photos curled under one another. I've decided to go for something a little nicer looking and this will go one side of my painting of my cat Jas. I want to purchase another one of these frames to go the other side. I don't know about you guys but I love having photos around my room. It makes me happy to be honest. They're all memories and to be honest looking back on good times does make me very happy indeed. I've been meaning to do this for a while I believe coming up to three years and I've only just done it now haha!!
So today I'm in the mood to watch Breaking Dawn part 1. That's an attempt to cheer myself up before my friend comes over. Part 2 was dispatched yesterday morning at 7am which makes me a happy bunny as it should be here either today or tomorrow fingers crossed :D I plan to have a bit of pamper day as I've been feeling rubbish all week. A lot of my friends are having hard times at the moment, I don't know if others have noticed this?! The weather today is also miserable and I'm someone who's moods reflect the weather. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I shall see you guys Monday :D

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