Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Review: Tresemme Hairspray.

Hiaa Loveliess!!
So I feel much happier today haha, once again apologises for yesterdays depressing blog post. So as you know I purchased Tresemme hairspray back in January. Today I finally have decided to get round to doing the review for you.
So first off I decided to get a new hairspray simply because I was using v05 for years. It's got to the point where it does nothing for me anymore and I've really started to dislike it. I like a hairspray that doesn't make my hair sticky and stiff. I like it to be able to still have that movement but keep it's shape. This is why I decided to look around for a new one. I am glad I decided to give this one a go because I absolutely LOVE it!! I cannot say a bad thing about this hairspray and what's even better it smells amazing. It does to me anyway haha I don't if it's just me losing the plot!!
There is a wide variety of places you can purchase this product. To list a few..
Boots, Superdrug, Asda, Morrisons, Wilkos...
Boots: £4.69
Superdrug: £4.79
You get 500ml in a can however you can also get them in a travel size which is 100ml. This makes it ideal to chuck it in your handbag or if you're travelling. I've used this hairspray everyday since I've purchased it and I'm not even halfway through yet so one of these cans will last quite a while. I love the fact that it brushes out so easily. It is true to it's word. I cannot praise this hairspray enough. I like to either flip my hair upside down and spray it then scrunch it if that even makes any sense.. or spray sections of my hair then tease it. My hair is generally flat so I like to give it a bit of volume.
I find this hairspray really helps and it stays all day which is brilliant for me!! If you're on the look out for a good hairspray then I'd recommend this one!! Tresemme I feel are really coming top of my list for favourite hair products. Since I've purchased this I've also purchased quite a few other products too haha! Reviews for those will be up in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for those! That's enough rambling for one day!!

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