Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tuesday Blues.

Hia lovelies!
I was going to post earlier but to be honest I've had a lot going on today. I had a really nice catch up with one of my close friends. Who knew talking about certain events could bring back such a bagful of horrible feelings. I don't want this post to be all down in the dumps, and I was planning to do a review today but I really don't feel like I can concentrate long enough to think about a review aha! I've done a spot of online shopping today so when that arrives I shall film a haul for y'all.
I honestly cannot even begin to explain how awful it is when one of your best friends is upset. Honestly it breaks my heart in two. Worst of all when you can't do anything in your power to help them. I'm someone who loves to help people. I hate seeing anyone upset. I'm a very emotional person myself. I will always try to help any of my friends even if it's just saying something silly to put a smile on their face.
I'm currently a massive bag of emotions. Everyone has a down day once in a while I just think everything has gotten on top of me. Everyone puts on a brave face every once in a while and anyone that says they doesn't is honestly telling porky pies!! No one is okay 100% of the time. To be honest I think the past few months that's what I've learnt. It's okay not to be okay. It's okay to not be strong all the time and I think it's important everyone realises that too.
I am the type of person that will put my closest of friends first before myself. It breaks my heart seeing any of them hurting or upset. To be honest whenever that happens I just want to take away all their problems even if it means putting them on my shoulders. That's just the type of person I am. I will always try and help one of my closest friends no matter what time of the day it is. Me and my bestie would go to the ends of this earth for each other.
I really do apologise for how deep and kinda of depressing this post is today but I just felt like I had to get it out haha! That sounds so bad. On the plus side I'm going to be spending the weekend with one of my girlies! I haven't seen her in absolutely ages and it will be lovely to have a catch up, and a couple of girly nights in!!
I try to mostly now look at a lot of situations now in a postive light and I know that can be terribly difficult. However I find sometimes it can make the slightest difference. My mood gets so affected by the weather it's actually ridiculous. Past couple of days have been lovely and sunny. With that being said I'm gonna leave you with a picture and try and post a review tomorrow! Once again so sorry about the massive downer on this post, but I hope everyones okay and keep your head held high. Don't forget to smile!!


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