Friday, 5 April 2013

Depth Lipstick.

Good evening beauties for the second time tonight!
I wanted to share a lipstick with you. Reason being I bought this when I went a little overboard on the Topshop website in January. I ended up getting all the lipsticks in the end. Crazy I know haha. Anyway this was a shade that I bought for the pure sake of it. No idea how, when and wear I was going to use/wear this. Until last night. I searched for this lipstick on youtube and stumbled across a video which has made me now fall in love with this lipstick. The video I watched I shall link below:
'Purple and Red Vampy Lip Tutorial'
Basically a red lip liner is used underneath before the lipstick is applied to make it more of a red undertoned purple. This means less of the black undertones come through. I think this makes it look more wearable. After stumbling across this video last night I tried it and WOW. I shall be doing a post soon about it. All credit goes to 'Annabel Rose'. I shall link her channel and blog below because she's amazing :)
So I'm going to show you what this lipstick looks without the red added underneath. It is a really dark colour. Infact in the tube it looks almost black. When I first opened this I thought "why the hell did I get this". With a bit of experimenting it can be quite wearable.
To be honest this colour reminds me a lot of black cherries. It is slightly to dark for my skin tone I believe. So I'm excited to try red underneath it. It makes it slightly brighter and more of a dark purple with red undertones. I find that is more flattering with my complexion.
Full reviews up of Topshop lippys shall be arriving on here soon don't worry ;)
Any of you beauties bought any lipsticks and then thought "why did I buy that?!"
let me know :)

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  1. Amazing color! I love it:)


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