Monday, 15 April 2013

how to: vampy lip.

Hiya beauties.
I mentioned in my 'depth post' about a dark vampy lip and how to make darker purples more wearable. Especially those darker colours that look almost black. Well if you've read that post you'll know I came across a way to do this so thought I'd do a detailed post about it. If you guys haven't checked that post out then check it out here:
as I mentioned in that post credit goes to Annabelle Rose. Her links are in the blog post!
I used four products to achieve this..
red lipliner
red lipstick
purple lipstick
concealer to touch up
Bare in mind you don't have to use the red lippy you could just use the liner, or just use the lippy. It's totally up to you whatever floats your boat :)
Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner - Ravish
Topshop Lipstick - Rio Rio
Topshop Lipstick - Depth
So first of all I applied a red lip liner to my lips. As I say you can either skip this step or skip the following step if you don't want to use both. This will provide a colour that will stay on the lips for a long time. I also love the fact that this is a retractable liner. It means you don't have to faff about sharpening it everytime it becomes blunt. I don't know about you but that puts me of using lip liners haha!
Okay so the next step is to add a red lippy. Dark, bright whatever floats your boat. Bare in mind whatever shade you pick will obviously change the end result slightly. I chose a brighter red so that it brings out the undertones of red in the purple lippy. This way I've found it makes the lippy less harsh and dark. I do love this lippy on it's own actually. Topshop have some amazing lipsticks at a great price too, just £8. I find them quite comparable to MAC, and as they're cheaper too why not!
 Okay so next is the purple lipstick step. I used depth. Now when I first bought this is was pure and simply for the fact I needed it. Then I thought when am I ever going to wear this crazy colour?! Couple of weeks ago I was sitting here thinking I'm going to make it work.. So as I've said I youtubed it. Now I love it. Even though it's more spring now not winter/autumn.. that's kinda not the point haha! If you need to touch up a little which I found I did then go in with a concealer. I'd use a small brush to do this with as well, if you use your finger you won't have as much control and could possibly mess up your lipstick! Doing this just defines the lips a little more as well.
This is the end result. This is I find suits my complexion a lot better rather than 'Depth' on it's own. Some people I feel could absolutely rock this colour but on it's own I don't think I'm one of those people! This reminds me of the colour 'Snow White' which is a dark vampy red. I've been obsessed with this colour. I can now see myself getting a lot of use out of this colour.
Have any of you bought any lipsticks for the sake of it?!
Let me know, I'd love to know!

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