Thursday, 18 April 2013

little ramblings.

Hiya beauties!
I realise I do have a 'hanns ramblings' series that I do on this blog and haven't done one in a while that will be coming back soon I promise! There's been a lot of make up posts from me in the past week or so, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to sit down and talk to y'all properly. First of my blog the past few weeks has undergone a bit of a makeover. Whilst it's simple I really like how I've got it now. When it comes to blogging it's something that I've found a love for. I've found my feet and as much as I love writing about all things beauty as you've seen on here I have a few lifestyle and deep posts every now and then!
This month so far has been so hectic I actually cannot believe it. It's been an interesting month, had a couple of interviews fingers crossed I find a nursery nurse job soon. It's a right pain in the butt trying to get a full time job. The  month started off with taking Beth to Bluewater for her birthday. This was two days before her birthday so was on the 2nd. I thought Keiras reaction to build-a-bear was quite something. This was a whole other story. Beth had a lovely day shopping with me, I went into boots they had a 3 for 2 offer on. Oh my goodness that was bad for me. There shall be a haul video coming up within the next week for that!
Me and Bethy on the bus! I really do love this picture.
Beth has honestly got so grown up she is 7 now and I honestly think where the hell has the time gone. She is so different to Keira. Keira is more girly girl. It was so nice actually getting to spend a couple of days with Bethy. I love being an auntie so much. To be honest the love I have for all my nieces is unbelievable. I love taking pictures with them. It's so nice to keep them as memories. Family is so important to me. I have quite a few pictures of my nieces scattered around my bedroom and I want to add to that!
 Beth with her build-a-bear Lola! Looking so happy bless her!!
It got to the end of our shopping trip and we were walking to build-a-bear not that Beth knew this. I asked her if she'd been good and she was said no haha. Bless her! She said to me she can't have her birthday present because it was two days until her birthday! She was getting all worried about it haha! When we got there and I said we were going into build-a-bear her face lit up. It was even better than Keira's reaction, Beth was bouncing off the walls. She had so much fun choosing her bunny! I really like it too haha! Then she got to pick a sound. She's 1D mad so had 'what makes you beautiful' put in it! She's also Hello Kitty mad too as well. The lady gave Beth a number of bows as well!
Bethy and Me in the Winter Gardens at Bluewater. We stopped to have some ice cream before we went home ;)
 I think in a lot of my lifestyle ramble posts my nieces have been mentioned a lot but they are honestly my world. I love sharing days out with them because it's such lovely memories. I feel the need to share the special people in my life on my blog simply because they do literally mean the world to me. I might do some other posts in the future of special ones in my life because I do literally adore them. It's rare to find people you can share everything with. When you find it hold on to it!
So apart from Bluewater what else have I been up to?! well it's been the easter holidays so I also had Keira to stay for a couple of nights and a baking session with her. More on that soon! Got piccys to share about that! Spot of shopping here and there with upcomming hauls. Mainly this month though I've been work into doing a lot of make up posts and things for y'all. I have so many upcomming so I've wanted to try and get a few of those up. Same with my videos I've had a massive backlog, which I'm finally clearing. That's why I've been uploading Sundays, Wednesdays and I also uploaded today. This is the thing about pre-recording, you kinda forget what you've got haha!
This month I've also learnt a lot about close friends. As the saying goes, you find out who you're true friends are when you need them the most. This is so true on so many levels. I cannot even begin to explain. Everyone goes through a rough patch at times and finding someone that's going to be there and pick you back up, dust you off and put you back on your feet again is rare. I've found that. Once you find that person or more important people if you're lucky enough, hold onto them! A lot of people I find feel alone because they don't have someone like that or think they don't. Sometimes that person is right under your nose, well not literally ;) You'll find once you have someone special in your life, things are easier to deal with. You'll also be happier as you'll have that support that you need.
Expect more beauty related posts on here. Also expect a view tag videos going up on my youtube channel, as well as some hauls and another Glossybox video :)
I hope you've had a lovely day beautifuls and I shall talk to you soon!


  1. I like your hair color. It's so bright and vibrant!

  2. Your makeup looks amazing!


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