Saturday, 18 May 2013

advanced planning?!

hiya beauties,
so my birthday is pretty much in two weeks and to say I'm excited is a slight understatement. However I think I've noticed how much of a planning freak I am haha! My birthday shall be consisting of two nights out partying and then a meal with close family for my 21st. I've found myself sitting here worrying about eye make up and hair styles.. Am I the only one who does this or do any of you have to plan in advance? I feel like I did this with new years to make it easier and it kinda worked...
Normally I find when I'm doing a set make up look, I practice it and it turns out fine.. I go to do it and then mess it up and then sets in the panic! Last year for my birthday hair styles wasn't really a problem as I had short hair and not a lot could be done to it. This year that's not the case, infact I've really got into curling my hair at the moment so I'm thinking I may curl it or something. I really don't know aha. I will no doubt be worrying and stressing for the next two weeks.
Tomorrow I shall also be uploading May's Glossybox, followed by a post for that on Monday. Finally back into editing and uploading videos regulary after a bit of a youtube and blogging break. I've even pre-filmed my May faves simply because I would upload it on the sunday that so happens to be my birthday! So I decided to be organised and shall edit it this week so that can go hope before my birthday ;)
I wanted to share my latest obsession as well. Boyce Avenue did a live stream on Tuesday to announce their tour dates, or part 1 anyway. They performed a new original song for the first time called 'your biggest fan'. Oh my gosh. I've fallen in love with the song. I've had it on repeat since Tuesday evening. It's absolutely brilliant! I am also now counting down the days till I see Boyce Avenue live in London with my man and my best friend. They are doing smaller more intimate shows this year which I think is a great idea!
I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Face of the day shall be heading your way Monday too, as I was going back through some older blog posts and cannot believe how long it's been since I last did one! Next week will also see the return of NOTD (Nail of the day) and OOTD (outfit of the day). I started them and then stopped aha. Oopsie! Anyways enough rambles for now and I shall talk to y'all Monday!
 this little beauty was an accidental photo from their live stream. I didn't intend to actually take this but I'm now a little obsessed with it haha! Do love my boys!

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