Wednesday, 29 May 2013

garnier summer body.

Hiya beauties!
So today I'm going to bring you a lovely review for the Garnier Summer Body. I've spoken about this before in a haul post and expressed my love for it.

The idea of this product is to give you a natural looking tan. It's a buildable one so you won't just recieve a deep sunkissed look over night. One application and you do get quite a bit of colour pay off. However for best results I'd recommend using it more than once. It's incredibly moisturising as well which I love. I also love the smell. Sometimes with products like this they can leave an overwhelming smell on your body. Which isn't ideal. I've tried the Johnson's gradual tan before and for me it did nothing and went streaky. I find with this product work quite fast with it and rub it in with your palms. This will stop it going streaky. Personally I've not had a problem with it going streaky at all. In my opinion it is a must have if like me you don't brown easily but want to look brown for summer!! I've been using this like crazy this past week ready for my birthday weekend! I would highly recommend this! It also comes in a light sun kissed so you've got two colour choices. I prefer the deep sun kissed look but that may not be for you. The smaller bottle retails at £5.09 for 250ml and £7.15 for 400ml. Currently though they are on offer at Superdrug. I picked a big bottle up yesterday for better than half price! If you're looking for something to give you a natural look and aren't confident enough to try an actual fake tan then this might be the perfect solution for you!
Let me know if you've tried this or anything similar!

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