Monday, 20 May 2013

may glossybox.

Good Morning Beauties!
I miserably failed to upload my Glossybox video yesterday for two reasons.. one, I had a three hour nap and then second I spent the evening round my boyfriends. However the video I shall link at the end of this post as I'm currently uploading it right now :D
This months Glossybox I'm actually quite impressed with, three out of the five products are full size. Also theres six products in this one if you include glossybox's own little pressie. The month of May sees glossybox celebrating it's second birthday! The box itself is the same old packaging however inside is nice and bright and colourful.
how nice does that packaging look I mean seriously?! Little things do please me emensely.
  and then there's orange confetti?! WUT, my mind is blown! ahh <3
 As stupid as this might sound I had great difficulty working out what these were to begin with. Bare in mind it was past midnight when I opened this months box so I was tired too aha! Once I finally realised that they were little nail files I was amazed aha. I think these are so cute and also super handy for travelling. Perfect for if you're going away anytime soon. Anyway this is the extra item that has been added into this months box!
R&G Fleur de Figuier Sachets
Now the thing that caught my eye about this was perfume for one, I've got into perfume like no other at the moment. The perfume you get a teeny tiny little sample holding 1.5ml. I don't know why but little samples of perfume really please me! Next up you've got two 10ml samples of a body lotion and shower cream. First of this is already a winner in my eyes. I'm always looking to try new shower gels and body lotions. These are apparantly supposed to smell amazing I've personally not used them yet so can't comment on the scent. I shall let you know what I think.
Full sizes:
perfume is £32 for 100ml.
body lotion is £13 for 200ml.
shower cream is £9 for 200ml.
Prime & Create Mixing Medium
This would be another product I looked at and at first was like what the hell do I do with this. It wasn't until I read the info sheet that came with it I actually understood what it does. Basically any powder products you have like foundation, blush, eyeshadow you can mix with this product and it would turn them into a cream product. This allows you to work with the products slightly easier. The main thing I'm most excited about it is using eyeshadows as eyeliners. That's extremely helpful and I am excited to have a play about with that. There's a whole ray of things you can use this product for so you're not limited by your options.
Full size:
£20 for 20g
Headline Colors Poolside Party Nail Polish
I am so glad I was not sent another pink nail polish. The past two I've been sent are pinks and as much as I love pink I wanted something a bit different. This is a purple shade with undertones of silver and grey. After a closer look it has silver duochrome as well which excites me. Sparkly things are a winner with me at the moment! I cannot wait to try this out! This is in the shade 'Spotlight'. This is the full size product.
Full size:
£9 for 10ml.
Shine Spray
This is a Paul Mitchell product which one I've personally not heard of nor used. I don't tend to use shine sprays anyway but hair products always go down a treat in my eyes. I can't wait to try this out to be honest. This spray is aimed at all hair types and is supposed to leave hair feeling soft, silky and hydrated. Again this is the full size.
Full size:
£18.95 for 125ml.
Fairy Lashes Mascara
I LOVE trying out new mascara's that is an absolute given. I think if I see a new mascara advertised  I go a little nuts and convince myself I need it even though I already have enough. This was no exception, that packaging it came in itself is beautiful. Slightly let down on the mascara tube however as it's just plain purple. It kind of reminds me of a maybelline mascara with the packaging. The wand is my only issue it looks like the great lash wand which to be honest I don't really get on with. I am keen to give this a go however not too sure how it is going to work on my lashes!
Again this is the full size of the product haven't Glossybox been kind this month? :)
Full size:
If you recieved this months Glossybox, do let me know if you recieved any of the same products and your thoughts too!

As promised here is the video that went up on my channel, for more videos please subscribe :)


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