Tuesday, 14 May 2013

quick hello.

hia beauties.
the past week and a half has been a little crazy. I haven't been at home either so that's why there's been no posts from me! I do apologise again aha! I realise the last post was me apologising oopsie! I feel strange posting actually which is not good! there was also no video from sunday, I shall probably be uploading one today or tomorrow! So where have I been? My boyfriend had near enough a week off work so I spent it with him.
While I was away May's Glossybox came, so expect to see that post on here within the next day or so!
I really do hope everyone is keeping well. Friday I came back home for a few hours to make cakes with my niece Stacey! It was actually really nice, I more supervised and the floor pretty much wore most of the cake mix with Jase!
I really do adore this picture :')
 I adore this picture too :')

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