Wednesday, 15 May 2013

silver lining.

hiya beauties.
you'll always find in life no matter how happy you are you will stumble across someone who will try to destroy every little inch of happiness. Why?! some people just can't bare to see other's happy I guess. It actually really frustrates me as well, especially if its related to my friends. I hate seeing my friends down.
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I really do like this quote. As mentioned in my first post 'heres to 2013' I believe it's called I was aiming to find the positives in a bad situation. Every bad situation there's a silver lining. That's what I believe anyway. It's important to just hold on and keep your head held high when times are rough. I know how difficult that can be. There's been a situation stressing me out something rotten at the moment. That's partly why there's been a lack of blog posts. Even when I have had the time to sit down and blog, I'd be staring at a blank screen for hours. That's not normally like me. It's crazy to think after 8 months of not being with someone they still want to make your life hell because they've nothing better to do. Relationships end for a number of reasons.. some good, some bad. However when they do end that's it, finished. For whatever that reason is, it's finished, done with. To be honest even though this situation is still majorly stressing me out it's a life lesson. Things like this make you stronger, and they also make you learn too. Silver lining eh?! Sometimes you meet new people through a bad situation, something to consider.



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