Thursday, 16 May 2013

the falsies.

Hiaa beauties,
I feel like I'm back into the swing of things when it comes to blogging! I have missed it, but it was also nice to take a little break. Everyone needs a little break every now and then! About a month ago now I re-discovered a mascara I used to use all the time without fail. I was searching around in my make-up drawer going through mascaras when I came across my Maybelline the falsies. Words cannot even explain how much I love this mascara. I've tried many different mascaras, and I am a HUGE fan of Maybelline mascaras in general. In my opinion though this is the best one for my lashes, it works wonders!
 The mascara wand itself is a spoon wand which I love. It's super helpful for making sure you get every lash! This mascara not only gives me amazing length but also amazing volume too. I personally do like the slightly clumpy look. I know that's not a look everyone likes. I feel it's kind of like marmite you either love it or hate it. The formula I've been using at the moment if waterproof. When they say waterproof they really do mean it. It's not super difficult to get off either. I've found with some waterproof formulas they can be a right mission to get off without pulling and tugging at your eyes. I wore this out last year on my birthday, walked home in the rain, in the morning it was still exactly how it was before I went out that night! That is one way to test if a mascara is waterproof haha! This mascara really is my holy grail. I also love that it is super black. I like a super black mascara thats just my preference! This retails at £7.99 a tube. You can pretty much get this at any drugstore/pharamacy too.
Have any of you tried this mascara, if so what are your thoughts?!
Do you have a holy grail mascara?
Let me know! :)


  1. Never used this, but it makes me want to try! C:

  2. You may get addicted to it :)


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