Thursday, 6 June 2013

busy bee!

hiya beauties!
The weekend just gone was my birthday weekend and was indeed very busy! I've been busy all week as well. I've been spending time with my boyfriend, and met up with one of my closest friends who I hadn't seen in a year! Pictures to come I promise. I haven't even had time to upload pictures to my laptop yet! I may also do a post on what I got for my birthday I warn you though there's a lot of elephants! Elephants are my obsession I find them unbelievably cute! Needless to say my editing schedule has been a little out as well lately with how busy I've been. I'm hoping that that picks up soon. I'm supposed to be crashing at my boyfriends for four days on sunday so I may take my laptop so I can keep up with my blog! I feel whenever I'm away from home my blog always suffers and it's something I really love doing. I've spent this past week on the xbox trying to further myself in Madagascar 3. I'm technically playing this game twice.. once on the xbox and once on the wii!
I cannot believe how nice the weather has actually been this week, summer feels like it's finally here. I've done a little splurging this week too, with my birthday money. Hello new elephant which is HUGE. Hello new dresses and make up. Oopsie. Haul video to come I promise! I love filming hauls and they're one of my fave type of vids to watch too. I shall quickly share my new obsession though.. Revlon Lip Butters. OH MY. They're amazing, why did I not pick these up sooner?! Maybe it was trying to justify needing more lip products however I am now hooked. I am going to get my ass into gear tomorrow and have a review up for y'all :)
me and my lovely man on my 21st.
I hope everyone is having a lovely week!

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