Sunday, 30 June 2013


Hiya Beauties,
So I'm sitting here catching up with blogs that I've not read in the past week and Youtube videos that I've not watched. I've not really been in the blogging or youtubing mood at all. I'm not too sure why perhaps it's been the weather and my constant mood swings at the moment. However, I did upload a new video this evening so I shall link that below so you can check that out. I should hopefully be able to get the Glossybox post to go up with it tomorrow morning, fingers crossed. My hayfever has been playing up something chronic with all this hot weather we've been getting. It's currently gone 11pm and it's still baking in my room! Absolute crazyness! So the main reason I've been M.I.A has been because I've been working all week and shall be doing the same this week. I feel more motivated this week so expect to see some posts up this week! I've got so many scheduled posts it's just being in the right frame of mind and also having the time to do them! I hope everyone is keeping well. I also help you're enjoying the sun if you've had any over the past few days!

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