Thursday, 13 June 2013


Hiya Beauties,
So I thought I'd take a day/night off from doing beauty related posts and stick to a chatty one.
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This past week I've been feeling so run down it's unbelievable. Yesterday I really didn't feel too well and today I woke up feeling really poorly. My throat currently feels like it's on fire, mixed with hot spells and headaches. Really not a good combination. The past 5 days I've been at my boyfriends. He was lovely enough to run me a few baths while I was there which really helped me to relax. I also even got a massage which completly helped me to unwind Sunday evening. I think it's important to remember if you're starting to feel run down to take it easy and make some time for yourself. You'd be surprised at how relaxed you will feel. Lack of sleep also can make you feel rubbish too. I'm going to have a relaxed day tomorrow to see if I can kick this illness before it gets worse! I hope everyone is doing okay!

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