Tuesday, 2 July 2013

cranberry lip blush.

Good morning beauties!
I have an extremely busy day today so I thought I'd get a little ahead of myself and blog now whilst I actually have time to sit down. Bare in mind I've not yet gone to bed that's not the point! ;) I'm going to take you way back to when I did my first Glossybox post. I think that was April's box if I remember correctly. I got introduced to a brand called jelly pong pong. I had never heard of them before and had no idea what they actually sold. I stumbled across their lip crayon balm stains due to having one in my Glossybox. I didn't quite know what to expect to be honest as I knew nothing about the brand. I think in a way that's quite nice because it can either take you by surprise and completely make you fall in love with the product or do the opposite. Luckily I have fallen in love with this product it's perfect for the spring/summer months.
I absolutely love the colour pay off that you get with this product. Bare in mind it's supposed to be a tint of colour you can layer this up to get quite a nice colour. I thought this shade was raspberry which is more fitting however it is cranberry. That is supposed to be a berry red but I feel this looks more like a Barbie pink. I've never used any of their products before and I am remotely impressed with this product. This is long lasting on the lips as well. I wore this a couple of weeks ago and forgot I had it on. I'd gone out and come back and thought "oh I still have it on!" It keeps my lips feeling extremely hydrated and moisturised which I love. This are very similar to the Clinque chubby sticks and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. It's the same concept, the only thing that differs is the price with the different brands. I can't say I prefer these to the Revlon ones as there is only two colours with this brand.
Have any of you tried any Jelly Pong Pong products? Perhaps this one, if so what did you think?!

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