Wednesday, 3 July 2013

make up madness.

Good evening beauties!
Earlier I was putting away some new bits of make up when I thought I have so much that I haven't used in so such a long time. I watched a 'shop my stash' video a few days ago which has inspired me when I have the time to actually go through my make up collection and dig out some older products. I find that I buy new products use them and then forget about much loved older ones. I must say this happens especially with lipsticks and eye shadows for me. Also nail polish. They're my guilty pleasures ;) I am thinking about making a video on this soon! You know when you have them days that inspire you, I've had one of those today. Although it's been busy. Today actually feels like it's flown by. I also uploaded a new video today. It's a pre-birthday collective haul. I shall link it down below so you can watch it. Do feel free to hop on over to my channel and subscribe while you're there :)

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