Monday, 19 August 2013

bee strong.

'iya beauties!

I'm bringing you the latest Herbal Essences collection. It's been a couple of months now since the collection came out. Four items in the collection came out that was the shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and a leave in cream. I've picked up three out of the four products and have been using them religiously. Reason being I wanted to give you an honest opinion.

The Bee Strong collection is for damaged hair which is perfectly aimed at my hair. I use heat on my hair almost everyday and I also dye my hair. I've noticed that I seem to have less breakage than I normally do which is fab! My hair seems to be a lot stronger than it used to be as well so brushing my hair isn't such a nightmare anymore. The scent of this collection is phenomenal. Honey and apricot it's almost heavenly. If you know me you know I'm big on my scents and anything that smells good is sure to be a winner in my eyes! The packaging looks so good in my shower as well because it's nice and bright and colourful. The design goes with the theme hence the gold/yellow packaging with the typical green lid.
The shampoo and conditioner are £3.79 each for the 400ml bottles which I personally buy. I don't bother with the smaller ones. The shampoo itself leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth and makes it so much easier to handle. The conditioner works really well either on it's own if you wanted to use a different shampoo or with the shampoo from the collection. My hair is so much easier to brush through once I've used the conditioner. The smell also stays with my hair for the next few days which I love!
The intensive hair mask is another firm favourite of mine. I've mentioned the ignite my colour one before on here more than once I believe! Let me just say again definitely not disappointed. I use these masks every week or two. I find if I've used a lot of product in my hair during the week I use this to deep condition my hair. Styling products can all build up and I like to give my hair a bit of a detox by the end of the week! This basically detangles and conditions my hair. I find it really helps with the ends of my hair. You don't want to put this on the roots of your hair because it will probably make you're hair too greasy and you don't really want more oil there than need be! I focus it on the ends. I start from 1/4 down and work my way down to the ends of my hair. This is £3.99 for a tub and this lasts me ages as you don't want to use too much! It doesn't weigh my hair down either which is a plus!
The leave in cream is in a pump form and a 150ml bottle. It retails at £3.99. Same packaging and scent. I have not yet tried this product but I am eager to try it. Either use this on your hair wet and allow to dry or use it on dry hair and then brush it through. It aims to detangle your hair making it smoother and easier to brush through. Next time I'm in Superdrug I am definitely picking this up! I'd definitely recommend giving this range a try especially if you've got damaged hair like myself!
Let me know if you've tried this range!

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