Wednesday, 7 August 2013

sleek contour kit

Good afternoon beauties.
The end of June/beginning of July I did a bit of a splurge in Superdrug. I have an upcoming haul showing all those goodies. The Sleek contour kit was one of the things I purchased. I've recently got into Sleek make up and I love it. This product is no exception.

First off let's not get this product confused with another Sleek product. There is another contour kit that Sleek do however it comes with a blush too which means the bronzer is slightly smaller. It looks much like a blush trio palette. They retail at £9.99. I really love the packaging to start off with. I'm a huge fan! The only thing I don't like is that when it's in my make up bag it stands no chance of staying clean! The bronzer is incredibly pigmented which I really like. You don't need to swirl your brush around a lot to get a decent amount on your brush. You only really need to tap it in the product. I'm quite pale so this works really well for me. I've used this everyday since I've purchased it. I cannot go without bronzer so this is a must for myself! Moving onto the second part of this product it also comes with a highlighter. I'm not one for highlighting normally, simply because I do not own a lot of highlighters. However I'm now branching out and delving into the world of highlighters. This highlighter isn't white but it isn't pink. It's almost a champagne mixed with a hint of peach. It's not too overpowering either. When the sun hits your face it's not too much. It still looks quite subtle which I like. I would really recommend this product as I absolutely love it. You can take this on the go with you as it's got a decent sized mirror as well! It comes in three shades light, medium and dark so it's something for everyone.


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    1. A little goes a long way! Definitely worth giving a whirl! One of my fav products in my everyday make up routine! xx


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