Friday, 13 September 2013

blue bath.

'iya beauties.
(apologies for the sloppy application here!)
I don't know what you're expecting from the title of this post but it is not a blue bath ;) I am talking about a nail polish! Of course it's a Miss Sporty one. You all know how much I've gone on and on about how good they are on here and in my videos! This one is no exception it's blue! Blue is one of my favourite colours and as this is a pastel colour it's even better! This is part of their clubbing colours line which means that this nail polish is quick dry! Fabulous because I hate waiting for it to dry. It's like time passes so slowly when you're waiting for your nails to dry. I topped this off with Sally Hansen's Mega Shine top coat. It gives your nails a beautiful shine. I've reviewed that already on here so feel free to go and check that out! Have a beautiful day :)

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