Wednesday, 11 September 2013

mid-week roundup #1.

'iya beauties.
I've figured I normally post whichever video I've uploaded onto my Youtube Channel on here on a Wednesday. I don't know why it's always a Wednesday it just is aha! It lets you watch it on here if you haven't seen it on my channel. I like these kinds of chatty posts where they're not particularly focused on anything. So this week what have I done?! I've been spending time with my other half Jase, babysitting Fia and dying my hair. It's been a bit of a busy week. I decided my roots were getting a little out of control so I re-dyed my hair. I am going to have a full blog post on how I did it, the colour, the results etc very soon! I also managed to have a bit of a splurge on skincare and Rimmel! I spent yesterday evening photographing products for my blog so you can expect to see posts on them in the near future! My sister is back doing her level 3 teaching assistant course so we're back to having Sofia on a Tuesday and Thursday! It was so strange having her here yesterday all day as we hadn't in almost seven weeks! Oh how time flies! I cannot believe we're nearly halfway through the month either! Today is my daddy's birthday and he's out all day! Presents will be given later. He's not typically a birthday person but I guarantee if we all forgot he wouldn't like it! I also filmed a video last night on all my lovely purchases which shall be up in the next couple of weeks. I know my uploading schedule is still a bit out at the moment but I promise I'm getting there ;) My main focus at the moment has been blogging as it's what I've not been doing an awful lot of over the past few months. I've missed it heaps and so glad I've managed to get myself back into it! I've finally got back into a good skincare routine so I want to be doing a detailed blog post and video on that soon! It's been a while because I've been toning it down as my skin had a massive break out session. I don't know what caused it but I had breakout after breakout. My skin isn't acne prone however I do get the occasional breakouts! This week's video will probably go up on Friday rather than Sunday as I will be at Jase's until next Tuesday/Wednesday. Blog post wise I shall probably end up scheduling a couple of posts as I feel like I've only just got back into the swing of things I don't want to stop. As for the weather the colder months are definitely settling back in. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am about this! It means nice hot bubble baths, candles burning, fluffy pjs.. it makes me excited. I prefer autumn and winter over spring and summer. I really don't know why but I do just prefer the cold! Not only that I LOVE Christmas! I am going to leave my little ramble here. Enjoy your day beautiful's with whatever you're doing today.

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