Monday, 2 September 2013

retail therapy.

'iya beauties.
There's nothing that I love more than a day out with one of my girls. Recently I met up with one of my school friends who I'm still extremely close to. We had a lovely day hitting the shops, spending money (damaging my account), catching up and relaxing. Retail therapy is just what I needed after a long couple of weeks. We also got a spot of lunch at Pizza Hut which I've not been to in well over a year! It was a really lovely day! It's so important to make time for your friends. Even if you've not seen them in ages! I don't see her a lot where she's been back and forth to uni. However she graduated last month so she's back down my way which is brilliant as I get to meet up with her a lot more! I love the kind of friendships where you don't have to talk everyday but you know if you need a chat they will be there. This is a friendship I honestly treasure and I love this girl to bits! Not seen a friend in a while? Give them a call and meet up! Life is too short!

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