Thursday, 31 October 2013

happy halloween!

'iya lovelies,
Whether you like to take part in all things Halloween or you just think of it as an other day Happy Halloween! I personally don't really do anything for it anymore. I kind of don't see the point. I know I will though when I have kids as it's so much more fun with little ones involved. Last week I went shopping with Fia and she picked up some things to use to make some Halloween cupcakes.
I love my baking days with Fia as it's just nice to spend some time with her on her own. She decided we were going to turn one lot of cakes orange and one lot green. The cake cases themselves were orange with spider webs. They came with little spiders to stick into the cakes as well! Fia decided we needed to get some marshmallows' so she chose pumpkin ones which were orange flavoured. To make things quicker we brought some icing in a can which I never normally do but it turned it great!
Fia with her cakes!
I really like how these turned out! They were so much fun to make!
Are you doing anything for Halloween?!


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