Thursday, 10 October 2013

red passion.

'iya beauties.
I've been wanting to review this product for a very long time now. I wanted to post pictures of my hair after I'd dyed it so you could see the results. What I love about this hair dye is that it's not a super bright red when the light isn't on it but you can still tell that it's red if that makes sense. The vibrance comes out when you're in the sun or under the light. I used to use real red which is an orange based red. It would make my roots super bright and it wouldn't follow all the way down unfortunately. In order to achieve best results with that colour I think I'd have to bleach my hair. I personally wouldn't want to do that because it's damaged enough as it is! I've had my hair red now for a year and I'm surprised I've stuck to the same colour! I find red suits me more than purple and black ever did. I've not tried any other brands for red hair dye simply because I've found one which works for me so when it comes to hair dye I like to stick to the same product. In order to get my hair so red in the first place I had to use a colour stripper which you can also purchase from superdrug. It's called colour b4 and it's around the £10 mark. For the regular it's £9.99 and for the extra strength it's £11.99. I'd recommend the extra strength if like me you had a lot of colour build up. Where I'd dyed my hair black, purple and brown over the space of a couple of years the amount of colour build up I had was ridiculous. I thought it was best to strip my hair first before putting a totally different colour on. I have recently purchased the same brand but a luminance one which basically colours and brightens at the same time. So I shall be reviewing that the next time I need to dye my hair. I normally manage to get away with leaving my hair 4 months before dying my hair. Since my recent discovery of Batiste's dry shampoo for red hair, touching up my roots won't be a major issue! That is heaven in a can for me as I don't have to worry about the white cast. More about that in an upcoming post! I would really recommend the hair dyes. My hair looks so shiny afterwards. You do also get a after treatment but I go back and forth a lot of the time whether I actually like it. I shampoo my hair twice after washing the dye out and normally deep condition to bring it back to life. After that it feels nice and silky. I have no intention of going back to my natural (brown) anytime soon! Most of the time I pick these up when they're on offer. Currently at Boots they're 2 for £9 and Superdrug buy 1 get 1 half price!
have you coloured your hair before?

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