Tuesday, 29 October 2013

the enchanter.

'iya beauties,
As mentioned this Bath Ballistic is unfortunately unavailable at the moment I don't know when it's back. This is one of my all time favourite bath ballistics. It smells gorgeous and looks like a firework has gone off in the bath! I'm holding on tight to the one I've got sitting in my bathroom until LUSH are stocking them again. This bath bomb contains lime and neroli oils which are mood changers making you feel happy and refreshed. It's a layered bath bomb so it changes colour from yellow, orange to pink. Hence the swirls in the picture above. I love this so much and like all other LUSH products makes my skin feel amazing. The scent I find lingers on my skin which I like. The only thing that I would say you end up with a pink ring around the bathtub however that does go away if you just use some water!
have you tried this one?

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