Monday, 14 October 2013

topshop lipsticks #1

'iya beauties,
Now I have quite the collection of Topshop lipsticks so I'm going to spread these posts out as it would be a rather lengthy post. I am a huge addict when it comes to lipstick. I can walk into Superdrug and pick up so many lip colours that are close to ones I have sitting in my stash at home. I always manage to convince myself that one is slightly different to another I have at home.
Today I'm bringing you the first five in my collection of Topshop lipsticks!
Topshop Lipsticks | £8 each.
Brighton Rock
This is a gorgeous hot pink colour which is one of my favourite hot pinks in my collection. It's perfect for when you want some colour! I'd associate it more with spring or summer but me being me would wear it all year round. I'd probably even wear this colour on a day to day basis. I like bright lip colours and you'll always find me wearing a bright lip colour on a night out!


This colour is a bright coral. Hello bright colours I just love to love you. Again another popular shade in my collection. It's gorgeous and I'd probably say more wearable than the first shade! Don't be afraid to try colour, you'd be surprised how well coral can go with an everyday look. It's gorgeous dressed up or down!


This is probably one of my most used lipsticks this year. It's a coral but it's not too bright. I love coral anything make up related. (blush, nail polish, lippy) I find this one isn't drying however with that you will need to keep it in your bag to top up throughout the day. I personally don't mind that because I normally have an obscene amount of lip products in my bag anyway.


This is the only colour I was slightly disappointed with. Don't get me wrong I'm all for red lipstick as you know I'm currently having a love affair with it. However this on the website looked so much darker than it was. Almost like a berry vampy red. Only it comes out quite bright which is not what I was expecting. With that being said it is a lovely shade. I don't know why I just haven't really got much use out of it. I think it's one of them shades I forget that I have.


This little beauty has been featured on my blog before. I've done a post on how to make this more wearable. Quick explaination add a red lip liner followed by a red lippy and then this lippy over the top and you've got yourself a toned down version which looks just as good and totally gorgeous. This is such a beautiful colour I'm just not brave enough to wear it. As I've said I'm more of a bright lipstick kinda gal. However for autumn and winter I'm determined to get some use out of this because of how gorgeous it really is.

watch this space for #2 in this series.

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