Tuesday, 26 November 2013

apricot and basil.

'iya lovelies,
This is a product I wouldn't normally look twice at in The Body Shop. It took me long enough to find it on their website. I believe it's only available in stores though. As for a price I cannot find a price for it! I know it's more expensive than their regular shower gels though if that's of any use. Regular shower gels retail at £4 which isn't bad for a 250ml bottle.
What I really love about this product is how well it lathers up. I cannot stress enough how much I love a shower gel that lathers up well without having to use a ton of product. I've come across that do that it's an irritation! This smells absolutely gorgeous. Not typically a fruity person when it comes to shower gels but this scent is just gorgeous. Side not - we all know how I feel about my scents!
My skin feels so soft after using it. It's like a dream! I don't want this to run out because by the looks of it it's a pain to get your hands on! I received this for my birthday though so really impressed with this product! I'd recommend it to anyone however I think your best chance of finding this would be on Amazon or a beauty website that sell discontinued items. If all else fails Google it ;)
Do you love The Body Shop?!


  1. my sister gave me this for Christmas 2 years ago and I loved every last drop.. I think I may repurchase once I've used up some of the other shower gels I have currently. It really is amazing! x


    1. I received it for my birthday! It's something I wouldn't initially pick up! It's so nice and not quite as strong as over shower gels! x


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