Tuesday, 19 November 2013

denman dressing out.

'iya lovelies,
So I've had these in my beauty collection for a while I believe I purchased this back in February March time. Since then It's been a little beauty. It's great for two things, sectioning pieces of hair as the tail of this brush is so thin. It's also perfect for backcombing your hair. I find this gives the best results rather than taking a normal brush and trying to do it that way. You get a more precise finish with this little miracle. Backcombing your hair isn't necessarily good for your hair so I keep it to as little as possible. I like to do it to give my hair some oomph and then finish it off with my favourite hairspray. I will do this more for nights out especially or if I've curled my hair and I'm looking for some volume when it comes to my roots. My hair can tend to look a little flat when its called so I like to go for the messier look! I'd totally recommend this line of hair brushes! I'm keen to take a look at some of their other hair brushes!
Have you tried any Denman products?!

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