Wednesday, 20 November 2013

mid week round up #8

Good Morning Lovelies,
I can't believe we're almost in December that's absolutely ridiculous to me. The time really is flying by. Anyway, moving slowly on. I've banned myself from buying make up until after Xmas. However I went into Superdrug and you know what I'm like I see offers and I'm instantly drawn to them. I've been swooning over the new Barry M matte collection and somehow they all fell in to my basket. As it for 3 for 2, a glitter textured nail polish that reminded me of snow fell in to my basket too. Oopsie.. I've tried out two of the polishes and so far I love the finish they're gorgeous! Expect to see a full review on those coming up soon. Watch this space!
Saturday I went out, as I've said I probably only go out now once a month. I've got a good group of friends and we go to the same club every time just because you're always guaranteed a good time! Cheap drinks, good music.. what more do you need right?! First of I really loved my dress and I featured that in last weeks mid week round up post! Second of all I really liked my make up. Of course I go for dramatic eyes on a night out, I can't not. Following that came the bold lip as per. I used the Rimmel apocolips in big bang. It's a gorgeous classic red, really vivid and looks stunning. It's safe to say too much Sambuca pre-drinking and then too much sambuca in general left me hungover Sunday which left me chilling out in my onesie and watching Harry Potter. Is it just me or when you get in from a night out do you literally just jump straight into bed?! The thought of taking off all your make up just doesn't excite me in the slightest. Come Sunday morning I'm looking like a panda with make up all down my face. I was so lazy Sunday I only wiped of the majority of it, Monday there were still traces! Personally wouldn't recommend that and last night I had a deep cleanse! When I do things like that I like to have make up free days to give my skin time to breathe! If I don't I find my skin then plays up for weeks!

All in all Saturday was a really good night. Monday was another lazy day for myself. Yesterday I had a thousand and one problems with filming videos, but it was my filming day. Typically that means I'm not doing anything that day so I'm going to wear pj bottoms and put on a top to make it look like I'm actually dressed when I'm not. Slap on some make up just to take it straight off again after filming and have a thousand and one bloopers! My Glossybox post shall be going up on my channel on Sunday! I'm so impressed with this months box! Expect to see the blog post here on Friday!
As for Sunday's video that went up Monday.. oops. It was an old get ready with me which I found whilst editing newer content. It's a gorgeous simple quick everyday look using Maybelline color tattoo's. I love these they're so versatile. You can use them on their own as a basic cream shadow or use them as a base and apply a shadow over the top. Completely up to you how you want to wear them but whichever way you choose they look gorgeous. I shall post the video below for you!

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