Wednesday, 27 November 2013

mid week round up #9.

'iya lovelies,
With just under a month to go until Christmas who's already excited?! I know I am that's for sure! My decorations and tree are going up most likely this weekend! I am already into the Christmas spirit and have been for weeks! I've had quite a less busy start to the week which has been really nice! My parents go away Friday! I cannot believe how quick that's come along!
It's been a bit of Harry Potter obsessed week, currently as I'm writing this I have the Lego 1-4 game paused because it's frustrating me that badly haha! I love the Lego games they really get me hooked. They follow the storyline really well and add some humour into it as well ;) Right up my street! I've also been on a baking spree as well, made some brownies for my sister in law who's currently not too well and my first caramel cheesecake! I'm really impressed with how that one turned out. Normally I do a strawberry and vanilla one! I added caramel sauce to the topping, and then added caramel sauce and crunchie pieces once it was set! It's gorgeous and I shall be making another!
What else have I done?! well remember when I had that spontaneous moment and cut my full fringe back in after years?! Yeah that happened again last Friday, at about 2am! It's the kinda thing that I do spur of the moment, currently loving it but we all know it will last max 2 months and then I'll be back with my side fringe again! Force of habit!
Do you guys also ever get them phases where you go months without painting your nails?! I probably went three months with no nail polish on simply because I was being lazy. I love having my nails painted and they are currently Key Lime by Barry M. It's one of their gelly hi shine formulas which you guys should know by now I love! I'm also really loving their matte collection too! I ended up picking all five up cos you know I can't just have one! They're perfect for this time of year! Full review coming up soon for those as I've only used 2/5! I wanted to give my nails a pop of colour seeing as it's gloomy here! I also find when I paint my nails my nails end up getting longer quicker! I don't know how that works but do any of you experience that?!
Currently loving.. yeah this week I've been currently obsessed with one starbursts. Bit of an odd obsession but I forgot how good they were! I had some at work the other day and it's got me hooked on them! Harry Potter I'm still obsessing over not too sure why! Peanut Butter Kit Kat's oh my gosh they're amazing. If you love kit kats and peanut butter try them! Lastly, One Direction's new album midnight memories! Oh my gosh I love this, I'm already obsessed and it is amazinggg! I seriously recommend you guys go pick this up you will not be disappointed!
So Sunday meant it was time for a new video and as promised it was November's Glossybox! As I've said in the post it was a good un! Well that's my opinion! By all means feel free to check out the post for a more in depth review! As always I shall post the video below if you haven't already seen it! Have a lovely week!

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