Friday, 13 December 2013

CLEAN & CLEAR // advantage clear & soothe daily scrub.

'iya loves,
Now this product came out roughly back in September/August time. It was released with the foaming cleanser. You can pair these two together and they work really well but you don't necessarily have to. Again I love the packaging! I love the fact they've incorporated green into this as it's one of my favourite colours! It smells really good, and makes my skin feel really clean and refreshed. As all advantage products it has salicylic acid in it and aloe vera to combat spots and soothe your skin. I like using this after I've used a cleanser to go ahead and deep clean and de clog my pores. As it is a scrub it has the exfoliating beads in it but they are tiny so they're not going to irritate your skin at all. They're really gentle on your skin as I've found some scrubs have beads in that aren't gentle at all! I really love using this product and find it works really well!


  1. I haven't used many products from Clean & Clear but I love trying out face scrubs. The tiny exfoliating beads is definitely something that would attract me to purchasing it.

    1. It's my go to brand! I find bigger exfoliating beads irritate my skin! x


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