Tuesday, 10 December 2013

LUSH // Snow Fairy.

'iya loves,
First off let's just take a second to look at this heavenly goodness. This is my favourite scent from LUSH. It's amazeballs. Literally. It's so good that I plan to buy a massive bottle and probably a smaller bottle when I go into LUSH next week. Despite the fact I'll end up with some for Christmas a year's supply sounds like heaven to me! Bare in mind this does come in at different prices! The smallest bottle 100g for £3.50, 250g for £6.85 and 500g for £10.95. You'll find Christmas makes me go a little mental in LUSH so expect to see a video for that next week! First of this beauty is pink, bright pink and has glitter, yes glitter in it! It smells like bubblegum and candy floss goodness. I love these sweet candy scents they make the bath smell so good and the bathroom! It's a very strong sweet scent so if you're not into that this may be too much for you! a little bit goes a long way regards to bubbliness goodness. The same for showering too, a little goes a long well for lathering ;) I plan to pick me up some more of these babies as they are my fave! Let me know if you've tried this?! I'm also so excited to get my hands back on Candy Mountain!

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