Thursday, 19 December 2013

RIMMEL // kate moss lipstick 01.

'iya loves,
I'm shocked I've not featured this product on here sooner. I've had it for flipping ages, it's a firm favourite and has appeared in many videos.

I think my blog is seeing my love for Rimmel lipsticks lately. As I've previously said they are amazeballs. They're some of the best I've tried and great value for money. I absolutely love the Kate Moss lipsticks they've got a great colour range and I own quite a few. I've spoken about  my current favourite 107 in the red tube. Those lipsticks have a Matte finish. This one is in a black tube and all of these lipsticks are slightly more moisturising with a glossier finish. I think this colour is absolutely gorgeous. It's a perfect classic red. Not too bright or too dark. Great for everyday wear in my opinion. Also a great choice for a night out too. In the tube it looks slightly brighter than what it is so don't be put off! It's fairly long lasting, obviously you will to touch up after eating and drinking but I really love these. I'd recommend them to you as well. If you've not tried them go get you some!

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