Saturday, 14 December 2013

RIMMEL // moisture renew lipstick 660.

'iya loves,
I've been the biggest fan of Rimmel products for quite sometime now. It's hard to find something that I'm not going to like. Which I think says a lot about the brand itself to be honest. Rimmel's lipsticks are by far one of my favourite products by them. They have some amazing colours and finishes at really affordable prices. I think they're great for if you're just starting you're make up collection or just wanting to find some great ones to add to your collection.
We all know through summer I went through my I'm going to wear orange and only orange colours on my lips. Literally nothing else really was seen, the occasional bright pink and perhaps red. Rimmel have re-released their moisture renew lipsticks. They've reformulated them, changed up the packaging and added more colours! What's not to love?! I'm not really sure which I prefer packaging wise perhaps this version as it's slightly more sleek. They remind me a lot of the Maybelline packaging to be honest. Now I was browsing over which colour I wanted to pick up as I do have some already with the older formula. Tried and tested verdict is I love them. I opted for a Bright orangey-red. Of course right up my street. It's gorgeous, I'd wear this everyday but you know me ;) Perfect for a night out. These are so moisturising. I hate lipsticks that dry your lips out I don't think it's a good look. The finish of these lipsticks make your lips look glossy but not too glossy. So it's a nice in between if you're not normally a gloss person. Pigmentation is amazing. One swipe and you get opaque colour. As they are moisturising I find they glide over your lips so easily they don't drag the colour around. That can get slightly messy I find. I want to get some more of these because well I'm obsessed. I want to find some slightly deeper berry colours for winter. I'd love to know if any of you have tried these!

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