Thursday, 16 January 2014

Barry M: Matte Nails.

'iya lovelies,
Barry M is most known for their nail polishes, as many of you know. For autumn/winter they launched their Matte collection which is a 5 colour range collection. They're all colours obviously aimed at the colder months but I think would also look great anytime really. I've never owned any matte nail polishes as I'm normally all about the glossy finish. I love that. However, matte nails has been really on trend. Has it won me over?! yes. I love these, two coats and they're opaque. They last fairly well as well. My only issue is depending on what I'm doing but they can chip quite easily when I'm at work. Other than that though they're fab. Obviously a top coat would make them glossy which defeats the purpose of a matte finish, unless you used a matte topcoat which again would be a waste as the finish is already matte. Of course you get the general wear of the nail polish after a couple of days but if you're doing anything major they last a good few days before they start to irritate me. I don't like chipped nails at all it's a pet peeve yet I hate taking nail polish off so it's a no win no win situation for me. Of course I'm addicted to Barry M nail paints I think they're some of the best out on the high street. This collection is definitely no different. It's different, on trend and out there which I love. I'd definitely recommend you go pick these up. I'm assuming they're a permanent addition to the nail paint line as they're not limited edition.
Crush a deep burgundy which I really love. Perfect for this time of year. It's my favourite from the collection.
Espresso - a deep black. Everyone I think needs a good black in their collection. This is perfect for that matte finish I love this one. I also used a Textured glitter from another collection released more a less the same time however I'll get into that one in another post. I believe that shade is called Lady and reminded me of snow.
Mocha - A warm toned brown. I didn't think I was going to like this one too much however it looks so much better on your nails than it does the bottle. I really quite like this one as something a little different.
Vanilla - My tied firm favourite. I love this colour it's gorgeous. This I feel is perfect all year round if you want something nude. It's a lilac, grey toned nude. Perfect for any occasion, any outfit literally anything. I think this should be one colour you pick up from the collection!
Caramel - This is the one shade I've not actually swatched on my nails so just used an acrylic because I've had these sitting in my to do posts for a long time! This is the one colour that needs three coats to be opaque. I do like this colour because it's different. It's a really nice colour which is in between Mocha and Vanilla. It's definitely one which I feel is underrated.
Have you tried any of these?! Which are your favourites?! 

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