Monday, 13 January 2014

Batiste: Red Hair.

'iya beauties,
When I first saw this in Superdrug I literally leaped up and down with excitement. If you've got darker hair or red you'll know how much of a pain dry shampoo can be if it leaves a white cast. Now Batiste have other colours out too, brunette and blonde I think? I don't think there's a black one however there might be let me know if you guys know! In theory this is a great product. My only problem with this though is its so difficult to get the red out of your hair. Obviously it's great for if you've got slight roots coming through. In general though if you go overboard with spraying you'll find if you touch your hair throughout the day you end up getting the product on your hands. In that sense it's not so ideal. My other issue with this is it's an orange toned red. Which really shows. I do like this if I use it in small amounts when I don't need a lot on. I've also found using a hairdryer makes it much easier to use and ends up with better results. All in all I don't know if I would repurchase this one! I think I'd stick to my normal batiste scented ones! Let me know if you got on with any of the ones aimed at coloured hair!

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