Monday, 6 January 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014.

Happy new year beauties!

It feels like I've not written a blog post in ages! Christmas was so hectic as was new years so I hope you all had a lovely time! So 2013 has gone and it's time to welcome 2014. 2013, was a pretty good year. It had it's ups and downs of course. I wouldn't go and say it was the worst year for me. Although some pretty bad things did happen. One that me and my family are still dealing with at the moment. My grandpa passed away on July 18th 2013. He wasn't far from his 91st birthday being 4th August. However he'd had constant trips to the hospitals, falls and infections, it was sadly his time. He never lost his sense of humour and although he hadn't been the same since my nanna passed he still held on to his humour. It was so heart breaking and of course it's something that takes time to heal. December 28th, my grandpa's and nannas ashes we're scattered together, some in their back garden and some in the sea as they'd always wanted. It would have also been their 67th wedding anniversary. They are so dearly missed more than I think they both would have thought. I think that's partly where my elephant obsession comes from even more so now. Half of my elephant collection has come from their bungalow. Those elephants I will treasure and hold onto as they are precious because of where they were originally. If you follow me on Instagram you will see how many I probably got for Christmas. Honestly, it brings me so much joy to add to my collection. To me it's more than a collection as well. I have a memory attached to each one.
2013 for me I also feel like was the year of spending even more time with my nieces. With Keira and Beth both at school, myself working a lot, maintaining my blog and Youtube it can get quite difficult. This year we know have Fia on a Thursday and that's it. So we will be seeing fia less than normal. She's now spending three days at playschool a week, that little monkey is certainly growing up. I am so happy I got to see that last year. Her personality develop and her opinions forming. That girl can argue! Keira and Beth also seem to be growing up so quickly, I mean Keira asked for heels for Christmas! Taking them all to Bluewater last year was one of my highlights. Their faces when they got their build-a-bears was priceless. I absolutely had the best time doing that with them. They are so precious to me and I love them to pieces I really do. We even went on more family days out with them and had a great time. Obviously work can often get in the way of doing things like that, but it's something I'd miss terribly if we didn't get together as a family and do! Not forgetting Stacey either, she's growing up and has school everyday in the afternoons. The time seems to be going so quickly, she also like Fia has got her own opinions and is such an independent 3 yr old! I love them all dearly. I feel like last year I spent a lot of time with them, even if it was just lazy days or baking days it was a blast!
2013 has also been the year of change for me. A few people have left my life, however I've gained some wonderful people. In life you will have many people come into your life, unfortunately for whatever reason it doesn't always work out and you let go. It's part of life. I've always stood by everything happens for a reason and to this day still do. I've gained some lovely girls and we all go out once a month at least. I feel like sometimes everyone can get so wrapped with work that things like that don't seem like a priority. Even if it's just a night in with the girls it's still a good laugh! I'm so happy to have them in my life.
 2013 saw the start of a new relationship too. I don't often post about my relationship on my blog because to me it's private and it's the one thing I'd like to keep private. I know when someone get's in a relationship their loved ones are always going to have an opinion. Whether it's good or bad which they are entitled to. It's perfectly fine to voice your opinion but you have to respect that persons choice to be in that relationship. There's been mixed reviews on my relationship from some family and friends but at the end of the day it's my choice. Last year was a difficult year in many ways and happiness wasn't always top of the agenda. This year I'm so excited for a number of things coming up and really do look forward to it. I'm going on holiday in May with my family, nieces and Jase. It's going to be so much fun. It will be nice to just relax!
 2013 was also the year of milestone birthdays! My Nan's 80th in February, my 21st in June and my brother's 30th in November. I love birthdays and love celebrating other peoples birthdays! We had such a blast at my nan's 80th, getting the family together for a meal was so lovely, it happens very rarely so it was so nice! As for my birthday that was a blast. Again we went out for a meal which was lovely. My brothers big 30th birthday was a quiet one, he's not really a birthday person but it was still a good day!
Lastly, My blog was a HUGE part of last year I feel. I've loved every part of blogging and of course I am continuing this year! I've got so many ideas and new things to share with you all so I am so excited! Last year was the year of my blog and youtube channel. I have discovered so many great beauty products I love! I've kicked 2014 off with new makeup brushes and makeup of course. I had my yearly clear out which I always do. If I've not worn something in over a year and know I'm not going to then I out it. It either goes to family or a charity shop. I also do the same with make up as well! Everything in my collection I use which I am happy with.
So this year expect to see more blog posts! More videos.. and more videos on my extra's channel. That kind of got forgotten about some point last year aha! I plan to use Keek more after making an account 1 video and nothing else last year I plan to get more use out of that. I also plan to be happy everyday even if it's only for half an hour a day! I also plan to laugh at least once a day as well. Life is too short to go without happiness. I wish you all the best for 2014 and love you all dearly! ♡

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