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January Glossybox 2014 UK: Back to Basics

'iya loves,
Okay so like every month you've got your 'GLOSSY' magazine and little card to tell you about the products etc. There's a new look to this months glossybox. Although the colour scheme is the same, the box isn't matte anymore, hence the name it's glossy with the word 'glossybox' on the front rather than just the logo. Inside you've got black tissue paper and then the black ribbon with the pink logo and 'glossybox' printed on it. Overall I like the new look however I'm wondering if this month they've put more thought into changing up the design than what's actually in the box. This month I could say I'm a little disappointed.
My first issue is look how empty this box looks?! I don't normally complain about the boxes and I understand if you're that unhappy then unsubscribe. However it feels like a majority of people this month we're left feeling genuinely disappointed. It felt like it took ages for this months Glossybox to actually turn up too.
Anatomicals: Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches
'Looking like the walking dead? These under eye patches by Anatomicals will help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and revitalise the delicate skin around your eyes!'
Application: cleanse and thoroughly dry the face. Open the foil packet, peel off the plastic and immediately apply as shown in the illustration making sure you've smoothed the patches to ensure contact with the skin. For best results leave on for 30 minutes and then gently remove.
full size: £6 for 3 pack shop at:
My thoughts? You get two lots of these patches so it's not quite the full size, I'd have liked the full size. It's a good idea especially for those who have dark circles etc. I'm not too sure whether these are going to do anything for me but I shall give them a try!
Balance Me: Super toning body wash
'With a blend of juniper, bergamot, geranium and lavender essential oils, Balance Me's super toning body wash is the best way to start your day!'
Application: For a morning boost, apply the wash to wet skin and move in circular motions or for an all over luxurious soak, add a cap full to warm water while you're running a bath.
full size: £10.25 for 250ml shop at:
My thoughts?! not really excited about this product. It's a body wash and I'd like to have seen a full size of this. It's only 30ml and to be honest I just feel like no effort was put into this box this month. The smell is quite floral which is not something I look for in shower gels or bubble baths. I'll use it up but I'm not expecting anything great!
Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion
'Is your skin weathering the elements? If so, then you need the essential moisture lotion from Vaseline. It's non-greasy formulation and multi-layer complex absorbs quickly leaving your skin silky smooth and looking healthy.'
Application: Use every day after showering to lock in moisture and to keep your skin supple and looking great.
one size: £4.99 for 400ml shop at:
My thoughts?! again another skincare product.. again slightly disappointed. Vaseline okay is a basic product, ties in with the theme this month. However you can pick the full size up of these as mentioned above from anywhere at £4.99. Sample sizes you don't even get in this so why do we have a sample who knows?! if they we're going to give us this product at least give us the full size. Very basic product.
Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream
'This multi-use cult moisturising cream from Japan revamps your skin, enriching it with vitamin E, vitamin B2, camphor and a uniquely high glycerine content. It's an essential for all skin care regimes.'
Application: Massage a thin layer into the skin until the cream disappears for on going protection from the elements.
full size: £13.50 for 33g shop at:
More body lotion.. how many do we need in one box clearly more than one! Two tiny tubes?! Well done Glossybox. Not happy at all with this. I'll again use it, but it seems like a waste. It doesn't even feel like sample size, it's so small!
The Vintage Cosmetic Company Floral Slanted Tweezers
'Get rid of boring brows with these pretty floral tweezers by The Vintage Cosmetic Company. These high quality stainless steel must haves are the perfect accompaniment for every vintage doll's make up bag'
Application: For general tweezing use the slanted side or for precision perfection, flip them over to use the slanted edge and you'll be on your way to beautiful brows in no time!
full size: £8.00 shop at:
Probably the best item in the box.. however.. which girl who's into beauty doesn't own a good pair of tweezers?! I've not tried these yet so I can't say if these are any good to be honest with you. With the way this box has gone for me this month though I won't get my hopes up too much. Pretty design but who doesn't have tweezers.
Overall, pretty disappointed this month and feel ripped off. £12.99 I pay monthly which I my choice I understand that. However, this box was a shambles. I feel more time went into the redesigning than giving everyone what they wanted. No make up was in this box which to be honest disappointed me too. Every box there's always some sort of make up item. This month, nothing, zero, zilch. If you edit your profile it allows you to inform team Glossybox what you'd prefer to receive. This doesn't seem to be the case this month everyone seems to have got the same. Not good! I hope they improve next month. I'm going to place a subscription with Birchbox to compare and see which is better value for money. This month I'm utterly let down!
What did you think of this month's box?


  1. I was as disappointed as you, I'm afraid! The tweezers don't work very well for me; they snap the hair rather than pull it out at the root. You can buy the sample size Vaseline in the Superdrug travel range for £1 - what a cheek! I subscribe to Birchbox and I've only been disappointed once. There is a review on my blog of this month's box which included a cream which worked out to be worth £45!!

    1. Yeah I kinda feel they put too much effort into revamping the look rather than what's inside. Definitely going to check out birchbox! X

  2. From what I've seen of Glossybox the standard has always seemed a lot higher and I've been considering subscribing because of that but I totally get why you're dissapointed this month's box, really on the fence about investing in it after this hehe x


    1. For me it's not normally this bad. I think this is the only glossybox post ive done where ive been completly disappointed x


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